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Elevate Your Behavioral Health Services

We partner with hospitals, residential treatment facilities and outpatient treatment centers nationally, extending our expertise to establish effective and financially sustainable behavioral health programs by providing medical directorship and psychiatric care to patients.

Our high quality, innovative solutions for psychiatric and substance abuse disorders are tailored to bridge the gaps in health care offerings that these facilities provide. With a meticulous assessment of your organization’s medical and psychiatric needs, we work together to find the areas of opportunity, and develop strategic solutions that enhance both medical and psychiatric care with the goal of providing better care to patients and improve the facility bottom line.

Committed to You

At Synergy Mental Health and Wellness Integrated, we work closely with our behavioral health partners, to drive superior outcomes.

Our success hinges on providing high caliber teams of experts in various disciplines who collaborate to support patients on their path to recovery. We are committed to supporting our valued partners with top notch psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, therapists and other providers ensuring your patients receive the highest level of care.

Why Partner With SMHWI

In today’s complex healthcare landscape, Synergy Mental Health and Wellness Integrated (SMHWI) is your all-inclusive partner, offering innovative solutions to empower your organization in delivering top-tier psychiatric and medical care.

Top-Tier Psychiatric Talent

Guidance and support for securing and retaining top-tier psychiatric and medical professionals amidst industry wide shortages.

Human Resources Expertise

Recruitment, training and ongoing education of your core staff.

Administrative Optimization

Are your clinical notes not comprehensive and cause issues with utilization management? We’ll help your team optimize.

A Focus on the Details

Ensure your assessments are accurately aligning with the level of care that you patients need and support the most appropriate billing codes.

Maximize Efficiencies

Solutions for lower than expected patient census due to lack of documentation and decreased length of stay.

Compliance Consulting

Overcome difficulties maintaining full compliance with regulatory standards.

Community Relations

Your reputation is everything. We can help you make sure yours is well-regarded and trusted within the community.

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Contact us today to explore how our management, consulting, clinical expertise and staffing services can elevate the quality of care and overall profitability of your organization. Your journey to enhanced service delivery, growth and financial success starts here.