Programs - Mental Health Doctors

General Psychiatric Treatment


We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of  anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD, depression, bipolar,  and schizophrenia.

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Chemical Dependency Treatment

alcohol treatment

SMHWI is designed to address the underlying issues surrounding addiction recovery on an outpatient basis while allowing for daily life activities including family and work.

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Suboxone Treatment

addiction to drugs

Suboxone is specifically designed for the treatment of opiate dependence.  This medication treats craving symptoms and allows people to function in society.  Suboxone does not create a euphoric sensation.  

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Forensic Evaluations

anxiety treatment

SMHWI mental health doctors provide a wide range of independent psychiatric evaluations that include capacity to make medical/financial decisions, psychiatric impairment/disability, fitness for duty, standard of care, workers' compensation, immigration hardship, criminal competency and more.

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Psychosomatic Evaluation and Treatment

top psychiatrist

We provide quality mental health care for people with co-morbid mental and medical illness.  

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Workers' Compensation Treatment

work injury

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that may provide psychiatric treatment to employees injured at work.  Workers' compensation law mandates that employers provide their employees with workers’ compensation insurance.  If an employee is hurt on the job they get the benefits needed without having to prove who is at fault.  In exchange, the employee gives up the right to sue their employer for pain and suffering awards. 

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Gambling Addiction Treatment

gambling addiction

Gambling addiction, also known as pathological gambling and compulsive gambling, is an impulse-control disorder that causes a negative consequences in social, occupational and interpersonal functioning.  The estimates are that 2.5 million adults suffer from gambling addiction in the US and another 15 million are at risk of becoming problem gamblers.

Psychiatric Return to Work Program

workers' compensation

At SMHWI your wellness is our top priority.  We developed an effective Return to Work program that allows the employees to reach their maximum medical improvement and allows the employers to minimize  cost, retain experienced employees, and improve morale and productivity.   

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